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The Son

Project Info

AMC’s new series launch, starring Pierce Brosnan, is an epic tale of family dynasty, and the harsh nature of securing family fortunes.

2C Media asked SPYDR to help them tackle the creative for this promo, and it was a blast to say the least.

It’s a marriage of production footage, 3D animation, and 2D visual effects, and it was a great experience from start to finish.

Working with production talents like 2C Media’s Director, Brian Eloe, and DP Kevin Emmons, was such a great privilege.

SPYDR’s creative team was made up of Hector Espinosa, Derek Superville, and Andy Mason.


2C Media




Brian Eloe

Director of Photograpy

Kevin Emmons

Design / VFX Supervisor / Compositing

Hector Espinosa (SPYDR)

3D Modeling / Rigging / Animation

Derek Superville

3D Modeling / Rigging

Andy Mason