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Teen Nick Every Witch Way

Project Info

In collaboration with the talented folks at 2C Media, Spider was brought on to help with the execution of the visual effects compositing, and “spell magic” creation and animation, for Teen Nick’s Season 3 premiere of the hit series, “Every Witch Way.”
Being tasked with solving the visual effects portion, and developing magic effects that hinted at the style and look of the show, we worked closely with 2C Media’s Creative Director, Brian Eloe. His involvement was crucial to ensure that we were hitting the necessary style and tone of the show, as well as fulfilling the “big picture” expectations set by the network.

It was an amazing process, with lots learned along the way.  A special thanks to Brian Eloe, and the 2C Media team, for inviting us to the table on this one.


2C Media / Teen Nick

Cr. Director

Brian Eloe



Spider VFX artists

Hector Espinosa
Derek Superville