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Have a taste for horror?  These light-hearted Shudder promos showcase the genre with a little fun.

Working with Michiko Byers and Vicky Lemont of A Million Neon Rainbows was a total blast.  The quirky creative direction, and fast-paced editorial that Michiko brought to these spots was a refreshing take on the horror theme, and designing the look and animation of the graphics to support it was a lot of fun.

There were a few different rounds of similarly themed design styles that started out a bit more gritty and textural, but then landed on a cleaner palette of color.

Ultimately, in the end, Shudder changed the tone and feel of the creative, but these Director Cuts are well worth showcasing.




Michiko Byers (A Million Neon Rainbows)

Design / Animation

Hector Espinosa (SPYDR)